Linfield Drive Project

Project Description

The project consisted of the demolition of 2 office buildings totaling approximately 56,000 square feet and the construction of 56 new residential units at 110 and 175 Linfield Drive.

The project required the following applications:
  1. General Plan Amendment: Change from Professional and Administrative offices land use designation to Medium Density Residential land use designation;
  2. Rezoning: Change from C-1 (Administrative and Professional District, restrictive) to R-3-X (Apartment - Conditional Development District);
  3. Conditional Development Permit: Establish specific development regulations and review architectural designs;
  4. Tentative Subdivision Map: Create 56 lots and associated common areas;
  5. Narrow portions of Linfield Drive;
  6. Heritage Tree Permit: Remove / relocate approximately 50 heritage trees and plant new trees; and
  7. Environmental Review of the proposed project.

Current Status

The project was reviewed by the Housing, Environmental Quality, and Planning Commissions, and approved by the City Council. Construction is complete, and the residences are occupied.

Required Review

The proposed project required review by the Housing Commission, Environmental Quality Commission, and the Planning Commission and review and approval by City Council. The review and action were informed by an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).