1) Is it compatible with my device?
Click "Yes" for instructions on setting up your device.
  OneClick Audio Overdrive Audio  Overdrive eBooks OpenLib
Enki eBooks  Safari eBooks 
Apple  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kindle Fire Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kindle eReader No No Yes No No No No
Nook, Sony, Kobo, etc. eReaders No No Yes Yes Yes No No
PC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chromebook No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2) Visit the collection site, sign up, and search.
OneClickdigital Audiobooks company logo
OneClickdigital – Over 4,300 eAudiobooks. 
3 week checkout period.  Menlo Park Library card # (29044...) required.
  • Go to http://menloca.oneclickdigital.com and click Register 
  • After registering, click the ? icon (Help page) in top right corner
  • Download and install eAudio app for your computer or device
  • On device, use app to search / checkout / listen
  • On computer, use browser to search / checkout, and OneClickDigital software to listen or transfer to player
Overdrive logo
Overdrive - New, popular eBooks and eAudiobooks.  
3 week checkout period.
  • Set up your device:
    • For a Kindle
    • For an Apple / Android device, or ChromeBook 
      • Get Overdrive Media Console app
      • In menu, tap Get Books - Add a Library
    • For a PC or Mac 
      • Download Adobe Digital Editions (for ebooks) or Overdrive Media Console software (for audiobooks)
      • Go to http://pls.lib.overdrive.com and click Sign In
  • Type or choose Menlo Park Library 
  • Enter your PLS library card number
  • Use Advanced Search to limit by format and availability
OpenLibrary Logo2
OpenLibrary - Large collection of older, more obscure books.
2 week checkout for Lending Library eBooks; no limit on public domain
  • Click Sign Up and create username/password to join eBook Lending Library, and get 200,000 books published in 20th century
  • No login required for 1,000,000 eBooks in public domain (most published before the 20th century)
Enki logo
Enki - small & independent publishers
2 week checkout period
  • Log in with your PLS library card number and PIN
Safari logo
Safari - IT books from O'Reilly, Que, SAMS, etc.
No checkout, must be read in browser.  
  • Log in with your PLS library card number to read eBooks online
Zinio logo
eMagazines - Current magazine issues, full screen and in full color, from Zinio and Flipster