SRI Campus Modernization Project

Project Description
The approximately 63.2-acre campus is located along Ravenswood Avenue, between Laurel Street and Middlefield Road. The existing campus contains 38 buildings constructed incrementally from the earliest structures built as part of the Dibble Army Hospital in the 1940s. At this time, SRI International is proposing to modernize its campus by replacing the majority of the existing buildings over a 25 year development period. SRI is proposing to reconstruct the existing gross floor area at the site, without adding any additional gross floor area to the property. The site contains approximately 1,380,332 square feet of gross floor area, which is proposed to be reconstructed in multiple phases.

In order to enable the project, SRI International has requested a General Plan Amendment and Zoning Ordinance Amendment to create a new General Plan land use designation and a new zoning district that would allow for redevelopment of the existing approximately research campus with a maximum gross floor area of approximately 1.38 million square feet. The new zoning district would conditionally permit uses such as research and development facilities, including laboratories, offices, auditoriums, conference facilities, employee amenities including cafes and health/fitness centers, accessory facilities, and public utilities. The project would also require rezoning from C-1 (X) (Administrative and Professional District, Restrictive, Conditional Development) and (P) Parking to the new zoning district, an amended and restated conditional development permit, lot reconfiguration, abandonment of reserved right-of-way for an undeveloped portion of the Burgess Drive right-of-way located on the subject property, a development agreement, and environmental review including preparation of an environmental impact report. As part of the project, approximately 96 heritage trees are proposed for removal in phases.

Required Review
The proposal would require the following actions:
  • Abandonment of Reserved Right-of-Way
  • Amended and Restated Conditional Development Permit
  • Development Agreement
  • Environmental Review
  • General Plan Amendment
  • Heritage Tree Removal Permits
  • Lot Reconfiguration
  • Rezoning
  • Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Staff Reports