Approved Projects

  1. 389 El Camino Real

    Check out the project at 389 El Camino Real.

  2. 555 Glenwood Avenue Project

    Discover details about the 555 Glenwood Avenue Project.

  3. 1300 El Camino Real

    Information on the Sand Hill Property Company's project known as 1300 El Camino Real. This is not an active project at this time.

  4. 1460 El Camino Real

    See information on the 1460 El Camino Real Project.

  5. 1706 El Camino Real Medical Office

    View details on the 1706 El Camino Real Medical Office Project.

  6. Commonwealth Corporate Center Project

    Check out details about the Commonwealth Corporate Center Project.

  7. Facebook Campus Project

    Browse information on the Facebook Campus Project.

  8. Menlo Gateway Project

    Access details about the Menlo Gateway Project (Bohannon Hotel - Office).