Comprehensive planning projects

  1. ConnectMenlo

    Find out about ConnectMenlo, the City's General Plan Update.

  2. Dumbarton Transit Station Area Plan

    Review details on the Menlo Park Dumbarton Transit Station Area Plan.

  3. El Camino Real & Downtown Vision Plan

    Gain details on the El Camino Real and Downtown Vision Plan.

  4. Gross Floor Area Revisions

    Access information on the Gross Floor Area Revisions project.

  5. Housing Element

    Find out about the Housing Element.

  6. Sustainable Communities Strategy

    Learn about the Sustainable Communities Strategy

  7. West Haven Waterfront Vision Plan

    Look at information on the West Haven Waterfront Vision Plan.

  8. Willow Business Area Zoning Plan

    Discover details on the Willow Business Area Zoning Plan.