Housing Commission

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Name Email
Term expires
Lauren Bigelow
April 30, 2023
Karen Grove - Chair
n/a April 30, 2022
Rachel Horst - Vice Chair
n/a April 30, 2025
Heather Leitch
April 30, 2025 
Nevada Merriman
Email n/a April 30, 2025
Chelsea Nguyen
April 30, 2025
John Pimentel
650-269-8933  April 30, 2024

Roles and responsibilities

The Housing Commission is charged primarily with advising the City Council on housing matters including housing supply and housing related problems.

Commission priorities

  • Community attitudes about housing (range, distribution, racial, social-economic problems)
  • Programs for evaluating, maintaining, and upgrading the distribution and quality of housing stock in the City
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating City programs under the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974
  • Members serve with staff on a loan review committee for housing rehabilitation programs and a first time homebuyer loan program
  • Review and recommend to the City Council regarding the Below Market Rate (BMR) program
  • Initiate, review and recommend on housing policies and programs for the City
  • Review and recommend on housing related impacts for environmental impact reports
  • Review and recommend on State and regional housing issues
  • Review and recommend on the Housing Element of the General Plan
  • The five most senior members of the Housing Commission also serve as the members of the Relocation Appeals Board (City Resolution 4290, adopted June 25, 1991)