Street tree reforestation

The Street Tree Reforestation Program is a multi-year effort to remove selected problematic or declining street trees and replace them with healthy, young appropriate species, as prescribed by the city's street tree management plan.

In 2008, under guidance of the Environmental Quality Commission, the city contracted with two certified arborists to evaluate the condition of over 2,700 mature street trees. Some trees in poor condition were rated for removal and replacement that winter. In order to maintain a variety of healthy trees of differing ages and sizes throughout the city over the long term, and for safety reasons, it is very important that they be removed and replaced.

The city will be contacting property owners whose street trees have been identified as candidates for removal and replacement to determine their interest in participating in this program.

Removals and replacement plantings began in early February 2009. New trees will be planted by the middle of March. It is important to get the new trees in the ground by then so that they will get plenty of rain and grow roots before warmer spring weather begins to bring out their foliage.