Developmental classes

As the student matures, and the development of their tactile and physical strength improves, more complex gymnastic skills can be introduced. Level I through VIII class are fitness-oriented in a gymnastics specific curriculum. Encouraging lifelong physical and mental well-being along with the development of gymnastics skills is our goal for all students.
Four little girls playing on a gymnastics bar
Gymnastics provides unparalleled challenges for the body, the mind and the spirit. By meeting these challenges, children continue their development toward becoming confident, fit and able adults. 
Level A
Ages 6+
No prior experience is necessary for this 50-minute class. Class stresses coordination, strength development, and basic gymnastic skill progressions on all appropriate Olympic apparatus.
Level B
Ages 7+
Prior experience is required for this 50-minute class. Prerequisite skills include forward and backward rolls, cartwheel, and kick over on bars.

Level C
Ages 8+
Prior experience is required. Progressive skills on all Olympic events, as well as explanations of technique and biomechanics. Prerequisite skills include three-second handstand, round-off, back bend to bridge, cartwheel, 120-degree split, and back hip circle on bars.

High School/Adult Gymnastics
Ages 14 and older
A loosely structured class designed for recreational athletes, former competitive gymnasts, and any adults interested in the sport of gymnastics. For vaulters, divers, cheerleaders, cross athletes, or any adult looking to work on tumbling skills, acrobatics, gymnastic apparatus skills, etc.

Ages 8+
Prerequisite skills include forward and backward rolls, handstand, cartwheel round off, and walkovers. A class for students of all ages interested in tumbling and acrobatic skills only. No apparatus work is included in this class other than occasional Tumbl-Trak exercises.

Boys and Girls Compulsory Competitive Team
Menlo Park Gymnastics is proud to have a Boys and Girls compulsory competitive team working out at the Arrillaga Family Gymnastics Center. The Menlo Park competitive team competes in USA Gymnastics competitions and has qualified athletes to State and Regional Championships. The team is sponsored by the City of Menlo Park with additional support from The Friends of Menlo Park Gymnastics.