Flood plain construction

Substantial improvement projects

A project deemed by the city to be a FEMA "substantial improvement" must bring the entire structure into compliance with current FEMA standards and the city's Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance. If your project is a FEMA substantial improvement, then an elevation certificate shall be submitted along with a planning or building permit application.

The links below explain city policy on how we decide whether a building project is a substantial improvement under FEMA regulations. Also provided is a template worksheet to assist you in calculating whether your project meets this definition. This worksheet provides only a preliminary determination. The Engineering Division will make the final decision after reviewing plans submitted with the building permit application.

Construction standards

If the project is a substantial improvement, then it will need to bring the whole structure into compliance with current FEMA standards and the City's Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (Municipal Code §§ 12.42.51 and 12.42.52).

Engineering submittal requirements

This list of requirements will assist engineers and architects in drawing plans that the Engineering Division can review and approve quickly and economically.

Information for land surveyors