Project area

Las Pulgas Community Development Project Area
The City of Menlo Park has one community development project area, the Las Pulgas Community Development Project Area, which was established in 1981. It is located mostly in the northeastern part of the city, primarily to the north of Highway 101. The Project Area covers approximately 857 acres and is bounded on the north and northeast by the San Francisco Bay, on the northwest by Redwood City, and on the southeast by the City of East Palo Alto. It consists of five sub-areas.

The Belle Haven Neighborhood
Belle Haven is a mostly residential neighborhood and is the population center of the Project Area. It is located in a triangular area bounded by Highway 101, the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board railroad line, and Willow Road. The neighborhood offers several amenities and services including a community center, swimming pool, library, childcare center, schools, senior center, and a police substation.

The Willow Road / O'Brien Drive Industrial Area
This area includes Willow Park, Menlo Business Park, and O'Brien Drive to the southeast of Belle Haven and the Facebook (previously Sun Microsystems) site to the north of Belle Haven.

The Willow Road Corridor Between Highway 101 & Middlefield Road
Over 95% developed, this narrow area south of Highway 101 has a mixture of residential and commercial development and includes the Department of Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto Health Care System, and the Menlo Park Parks Division.

A Small Area that Includes Flood Park
This area is located to the south of Highway 101 and to the north of Bay Road and includes San Mateo County's Flood Park.

The Haven Industrial Area Off of Marsh Road
This area does not adjoin the other areas and is located to the northwest, between Highway 101 and the bay.

Project Area Overview
Overall, the Project Area consists of approximately 1,050 single-family housing units and 680 multi-family housing units. The area's non-residential development consists primarily of light manufacturing and research and development, and also includes office and retail use. The central roadway in the area is Willow Road, which is one of the primary access points to the city via the Dumbarton Bridge.