El Camino Real & Downtown Vision Plan

Vision Plan
The heart of the Vision Plan is the 12 goals, which serve as the foundation for the Specific Plan:
  1. Vision Plan Area Character: Maintain a village character unique to Menlo Park.
  2. East-West Connectivity: Provide greater east-west, town-wide connectivity.
  3. El Camino Real Circulation: Improve circulation and streetscape conditions on El Camino Real.
  4. Neighborhood Context: Ensure that El Camino Real development is sensitive to and compatible with adjacent neighborhoods.
  5. Vacant and Underutilized Parcels on El Camino Real: Revitalize underutilized parcels and buildings.
  6. Train Station Area: Activate the train station area.
  7. Santa Cruz Avenue Pedestrian Character: Protect and enhance pedestrian amenities on Santa Cruz Avenue.
  8. Downtown Vibrancy: Expand shopping, dining and neighborhood services to ensure a vibrant downtown.
  9. Housing: Provide residential opportunities in the Vision Plan Area.
  10. Open Space: Provide plaza and park spaces.
  11. Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation: Provide an integrated, safe and well-designed pedestrian and bicycle network.
  12. Parking: Develop parking strategies and facilities that meet the commercial and residential needs of the community.
Council Subcommittee
The City Council designated Council Members John Boyle and Rich Cline as the project Subcommittee. The Subcommittee helped lead the initial efforts to refine the project's scope and provided ongoing oversight of the project.

Required Review
The Vision Plan is a planning study and as such is not a project requiring environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Subsequent work on a Specific Plan or comparable document will require the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

The city sent several newsletters to all Menlo Park postal customers (both residential and non-residential addresses), as well as to all Menlo Park property owners that reside out of town. The newsletters included short surveys to solicit thoughts on the El Camino Real and Downtown areas, which have been used to help structure the Community Workshops and other events. Two postcards were also sent to notify the community of upcoming meetings.
Staff Reports & Related Documents
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Notices & Agendas
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