Heritage tree permit applications

Any property owner wanting to remove a heritage tree, or prune more than one-fourth of the canopy and/or roots, must apply for a permit from the city. Please refer to the master fee schedule for the current permit fees. Applicants must hire an arborist from the city-approved consulting arborists list. These arborists submitted their qualifications to demonstrate their ability to comply with the city’s heritage tree ordinance

The city arborist will review the application and the arborist report, visit the property and evaluate the tree and related conditions on the property. Applicants are encouraged to mark trees requested for removal with a yellow ribbon to facilitate the site visit for the city arborist and other city staff. Once the city arborist visits the property, he will either approve or deny a permit or request further review by staff. He/she may request relevant documentation from the applicant to determine whether removal is justified.

For non-development related permit applications, notices are not required to be posted on the tree.

For development-related permit applications, the permit applicants are responsible for posting City-issued notices on or near the tree, stating the reasons for tree removal (or heavy pruning). Staff will mail notices to property owners and residents within 300 feet surrounding the applicant’s property.

If the city arborist approves the permit, and there are no written appeals of his decision, a permit will be issued to the owner of the property. If the permit is approved, a copy of it must be in possession of the tree company on-site during the tree work. If further review of the application and comments are required, staff will strive to issue a decision in a reasonable period.

Dead trees

If the heritage tree is dead, please apply for a permit application online and submit pictures or an arborist report for verification purposes.

Application requirements

The following documentation is required:

  • A complete heritage tree acknowledgement form
  • A completed arborist report from a city-approved consulting arborist
  • For development-related projects, additional documents are required:
    • Tree inventory and tree appraisal value(s)
    • Construction plans
    • Alternative designs to preserve the tree and construction costs
    • Landscape and replacement tree plan (include replacement tree species, location, container size and in lieu payment, if applicable)
  • Payment is required before application is accepted

To apply online

  1. Register for an account at the online permit portal.
  2. At the home screen under "Public Works" tab, select "Create an Application."
  3. Review the terms and conditions before checking the consent box.
  4. Under "Select a Record Type," expand the "Public Works" tab. Select "Heritage Tree Permit" to start an application.

To view application status

  1. Go to the online permit portal.
  2. Toward the end of the webpage under Public Works, click "Search Application."
  3. Under General Search, find the Record Type section and select "Heritage Tree Permit."