Electric vehicles

To achieve our 2030 carbon neutral goal, the City of Menlo Park encourages residents to drive electric vehicles (EVs) for unavoidable vehicle travel. Driving an EV when walking, biking, or public transportation are not available is a great way to work towards achieving carbon neutrality. 

EVs reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve air quality because they do not have a tailpipe. Instead of consuming and combusting fossil fuels like a gas car, an EV uses a battery to power an electric motor. Fortunately, Menlo Park’s energy provider, Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), provides businesses and residents 100% GHG free electricity! More EVs on Menlo Park roads, means a significant reduction in our transportation-related emissions. Less emissions means cleaner air and a healthier community.

See resources below for charging needs, selecting the best EV for your needs, and other related rebates/incentives. 

Installing charging stations at apartments and commercial buildings

Learn more about installing an electric vehicle charging station at your multifamily residence or commercial property from Peninsula Clean Energy’s EV Ready program.

Tenants have rights! California Civil Code Section 4745 provides tenants with the right to install an EV charging station in their rental property parking space. Check out the EV FAQ to learn more.

List of public EV chargers

Click on the interactive map below to find available public EV chargers. The data is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy.

EV Charger Map

You can also check out Plugshare and Chargepoint maps, which indicate charger types and availability in Menlo Park and neighboring cities. Heading out of the area, check out the U.S. Department of Energy map to locate public charging stations nationwide.


Tax credits, rebates, and incentives Choosing an electric vehicle
  • The California Public Energy Commission recommends Electric for All as a great resource to explore and compare EV models, benefits, rebates, and more.
  • Plug In America’s Plugstar is a one stop shopping resource. Feeling overwhelmed with the choices or have some additional questions? Call 1-877-384-3571 or email support@pluginamerica.org to talk to someone about your options.
Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Peninsula Clean Energy created a $28 million program called EV Ready to increase access to EV chargers for workplaces, multi-unit dwellings, and other public location. Free, no obligation technical assistance is available. 
  • Tenants have rights! Current state law (Civil Code Section 4745) provides tenants with the right to install an EV charging station in their rental property parking space. Check out our FAQ to learn more.