LEED Performance Program (LPP)

The City of Menlo Park developed the LEED Performance Program (LPP) for project teams wishing to meet LEED requirements through the equivalency options for zoning districts in the Bayfront Area and El Camino Real Downtown Specific Plan Area. Project teams that pursue compliance through the LPP are required to register their project with the US Green Building Council using LEED Online, follow the documentation instructions outlined in the LPP, and select a third party consultant from the City's approved vendor list to perform inspections and review the documentation during construction. This page contains links to the LPP documents and related information. Visit the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) webpage for information regarding the requirements generally.

Program overview

Applicants that choose the LPP will be required to provide documentation throughout the application process that demonstrates the project is compliant with the LEED standards. LEED registration is required to enable the use of LEED online to house documentation and facilitate the use of the LEED calculators. LEED certification will not be required. The LEED checklist, cover letter from a LEED AP, and related credit documentation will be reviewed by a qualified consultant selected by the City of Menlo Park in parallel with the typical review of the project application during the entitlement and building permit review phases. The project team will select a firm from the City's list of approved consultants to perform LEED inspections and review construction documentation during construction, as outlined in LPP document 11 LEED Inspection Guidelines. Refer to the LPP document overview for information regarding the submittal materials required for the different project phases and additional reference resources.

LPP document overview
Program documents were created to provide project teams information about the process for review under the LPP, reference related standards and clarify submittal requirements. The contents of LPP 2 Document Map are included on the page below serving as a table of contents with links to each of the other documents.

Program outreach documents

1. LPP Overview
Overview of LEED and the LPP generally, City requirements for compliance and the types of applicable projects.
2. Document map 
Outline of the LPP documents with descriptions and links to each.
3. LEED Decision tree
Flow chart to be used by project teams early on to determine which LEED certification program is applicable to their project.

Application submittal documents

4.1 Entitlement submittal guidelines
List of application submittal requirements for the entitlement phase.
4.2 Building permit submittal guidelines
List of application submittal requirements for the building permit phase.
4.3 Construction submittal guidelines
List of application submittal requirements for the construction phase.
5. LEED Submittal checklist
Form to be completed by the project team and provided at the time of submittal, indicating the documentation that is being provided for each credit, and identifying sheet numbers for plan set items.

Reference materials

6. LEED Design documentation
Summary of supporting documents that comprise the documentation that will be required to be submitted to demonstrate LEED compliance for the project.
7. LEED Green building plan sheet example
Example plan sheets illustrating the items listed as required plan set elements in the submittal guidelines.
8. LEED Construction documentation
Outline of the individual sets of required documentation used to demonstrate compliance for each LEED credit in the construction phase of work.
9. LEED Construction strategy plan instructions
Guidelines explaining the elements included in the LEED construction strategy plan deliverable.
10. LEED Construction tracking summary
Form to be provided with each inspection outlining the materials and products used/installed and documentation of their LEED compliance.
11. LEED Inspection guidelines
Descriptions of the types of inspections required through the LPP and a list of the items that will be required to be provided at the various inspections.
12. LEED Inspection checklist
Checklist to be completed by the LEED inspector at each inspection to indicate documentation was provided or demonstrated for proposed credits.