California P.O.S.T.

The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) was established by the Legislature in 1959 to set minimum selection and training standards for California law enforcement. The POST organization, with more than 130 staff members, functions under the direction of an Executive Director appointed by the Commission. POST attempts to ensure that there is the same level of law enforcement service available across the state – to all community members in California by setting the standards for hiring and training throughout the state.

POST funding comes from the State Penalty Fund. This fund receives money from penalty assessments on criminal and traffic fines. The POST program is funded primarily by persons who violate the laws that peace officers are trained to enforce. No tax dollars are used to fund the POST program.

The POST program is voluntary and incentive-based. Participating agencies agree to abide by the standards established by POST. The more than 600 agencies in the POST program are eligible to receive the Commission's services and benefits, such as job-related assessment tools, research into improved officer selection standards, management counseling services, the development of new training courses, reimbursement for training, and quality leadership training programs. POST also awards professional certificates to recognize peace officer achievement and proficiency.

POST sets guidelines on training and hiring requirements for Peace Officers and Communications Dispatchers. Our department is audited by POST Consultants. California areas are divided into 10 regions, and each region is assigned an area consultant. San Mateo County is located in region six.

Our main interaction with POST comes from the Training Delivery Bureau. This Bureau is the principal liaison between the Commission on POST and law enforcement agencies, training managers, and course presenters. The Bureau works to certify quality law enforcement training and to ensure the delivery of that training is met. POST also established minimum selection standards for peace officers and dispatchers in California and monitors the adherence of our agency to their standards.