Policies and Governance

Peace officers are entrusted with an enormous amount of authority and must use their authority in a manner that is legal, respectful and within the guidelines of federal, state and local laws. In order to be effective, police must engage in constitutional and professional conduct. The department as a whole must promote transparency and accountability in all daily interactions. Menlo Park Police Department policies align our vision and mission to establish standards and expectations for employee performance and behavior. 

It is the purpose and mission of the City of Menlo Park’s government to ensure that Menlo Park is a desirable community in which to live, do business and to have fun. The City is to be a place where residents and businesses work together to attain a high quality of life for all of its community members. Menlo Park Police Department’s mission coincides with the overall City’s mission to protect life and property while serving the community with integrity and professionalism.

We will provide exceptional service and will be responsive to community concerns. We value our employees and will provide contemporary training and development to all our staff. We will treat others with respect and dignity and earn the public's trust.
The members of the Menlo Park Police Department are committed to a set of shared values. These values help to define who we are and act as a guide for our decision making and actions to better achieve our mission by:

  • Service - Providing exceptional service to our community is the cornerstone of what we do
  • Integrity - Matching our words with our actions; being open and honest with each other and members of the community
  • Accountability - Holding ourselves to the high standards of the law enforcement profession
  • Compassion - Treating others with dignity and respect
  • Ethical Policing - Acting in accordance to the high standards expected for members of our profession
  • Professionalism - Giving honor to our profession and acknowledging the tremendous responsibility we possess
  • Teamwork - Working cooperatively with all stakeholders in order to achieve our mission; recognizing the importance of collaborating with the public we serve