Ravenswood Avenue railroad crossing project

This project evaluated the engineering feasibility of replacing the existing at-grade crossings of the Caltrain tracks by building grade separations of the roadways from the tracks at Ravenswood Avenue, Oak Grove Avenue, Glenwood Avenue and Encinal Avenue, with priority on Ravenswood Avenue.

Project background

Read about the project history, including past meetings, presentations and reports.
Menlo Park Caltrain

Current status

This project evaluated two alternatives as directed by City Council, (1) an underpass at Ravenswood Avenue only and leaving the remaining at-grade crossings open as existing, and (2) a hybrid option that would grade separate Ravenswood, Oak Grove and Glenwood avenues, leaving Encinal Avenue open as existing.  A number of public meetings were held and materials can be found in the project history section.

On March 5, 2019, City Council approved the final project study report with the hybrid option (Alternative C) as the preferred alternative.

Due to community feedback, City Council directed staff and the project team to develop a draft scope of work to potentially evaluate (1) a financial assessment of a trench/tunnel and (2) a conceptual design, noise, tree and visual impact assessment of a fully elevated alternative.  That draft scope of work was discussed by City Council on January 15, 2019, but no direction has yet been given.

On May 21, 2019, City Council received a presentation from Professor Bennon of Stanford Global Project Center regarding financial feasibility of tunnels for rails.

Staff will be returning to City Council for direction on next steps for grade separations along the Caltrain corridor within Menlo Park at a date to be determined.

Currently, proposals for the future Caltrain-high speed rail blended system are limited to two tracks within Menlo Park.  The City Council's current position is to support only a two-track alignment through Menlo Park, as outlined in the City's rail policy. The study documented in the Final Project Study Report considered the work being performed for the high speed rail and Caltrain modernization projects, but is independent of these efforts.  Pertinent information regarding these separate efforts can be found on the project web pages or on the City's rail project information page.

Recent or upcoming meetings

Date Topic Location
July 16, 2019 City Council Rail Subcommittee "Downtown"
Conference Room
TBD City Council Regular Business, Scope of Work for Additional Studies City Council Chambers
April 22, 2019 City Council Rail Subcommittee "Downtown" Conference Room
March 5, 2019 City Council Regular Business City Council Chambers
January 31, 2019 City Council Rail Subcommittee "Downtown" Conference Room
January 15, 2019 City Council study session City Council Chambers