Revisions to issued permits

The Building Division is accepting electronic applications for revisions to issued permits.

Please note: These procedures are distinct from those for resubmittals, which are for responses to projects that are still under staff review. Please see the resubmittals section for instructions on that process.

Customers need to be registered for an account at the Permit and Record Web Portal.

Screenshot of ACA site registration links

    1. The email address used to sign up for the Permit and Record Web Portal
    2. The permit number(s) of the record(s) to be linked with (or address/description, if the permit number is not available)
  • Permit Team staff member emails applicant to confirm when customer account has been linked with the applicable record(s)
  • Customer logs into the Permit and Record Web Portal, clicks on the "My Records" header, and goes to the applicable record(s):
Screenshot of ACA "My Records" header and individual record access

  • On the individual record, scroll to the bottom and click "Create Revision":
Screenshot of ACA Create Revision button

  • Follow all prompts to describe the Revision and upload any files necessary for its review; please note that submittal of the Revision Request Form is required  
  • Please note:
    • The Revision record will have its own REV### record number, which exists for the purposes of reviewing the Revision itself
    • All fees/inspections remain on the main, "parent" record
    • No fees are required upon submittal of a Revision, but will be charged afterward, based on the plan check review time