The Building Division accepts electronic resubmittals for pending permits (i.e., permits that have not yet been issued). 

Screenshot of ACA site registration links

  • Customer logs into the online permit portal, clicks on the "My Records" header, and goes to the applicable record(s):
Screenshot of ACA "My Records" header and individual record access

  • If customer does not see the permit under the My Records header (perhaps because it was submitted before the City accepted online applications, or because customer was added to the project team after the record was originally submitted), please contact the Permit Team with all permit/account details in order to be retroactively associated to the record. Please include all relevant documentation of association with that record.
  • Once on the individual record, customer clicks on Record Info, and then Attachments:
Screenshot of ACA attachments link

  • On the Attachments sub-page, customer uploads PDF(s) of required submittal items, such as: revised plans, plan check comment letter, any other revised documents (arborist report, e.g.); all items should be categorized and described as accurately as possible. All documents shall follow the required file specifications
  • Permit staff will review submitted items and either: 
    • If complete: Route for staff review and (if applicable) notify the customer to transmit plans to outside/3rd-party plan checker 
    • If incomplete: Let the customer know what is missing, in which case customer resubmits under same process as before