Sidewalk repair program

Sidewalks are where residents exercise, walk to local shops, wait for the bus, and talk with neighbors. They are one of the most important pieces of Menlo Park’s transportation network.

Menlo Park Municipal Code Chapter 13.08 requires that adjacent property owners keep their sidewalks in good repair and safe for public travel. This means keeping the sidewalk clear from vegetation overgrowth and making repairs to the sidewalks when damaged.

When the sidewalk is damaged by a City street tree, the City’s Sidewalk Repair Program completes the required work to repair or replace the sidewalk. The Sidewalk Repair Program is funded by the Landscaping Assessment District.

If it is determined the sidewalk was not damaged by a City street tree, the repair work is the responsibility of the owner of the property fronting the sidewalk. In either case, the City will perform a temporary repair to eliminate the hazard until the damaged sidewalk is replaced.

Please use the ACT Menlo Park app to report a sidewalk hazard, and the location will be inspected by City staff. If it is determined the sidewalk was damaged a City street tree, the location will be added to the list of work locations to be completed by the City’s sidewalk replacement contractor. 

View sidewalk repair locations

To determine sidewalk repair locations for previous and upcoming years click on the interactive citywide sidewalk repairs and replacements map below.
Citywide sidewalk repair and replacement