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Suggestions and responses for February 2020

Item Suggestion and response
1 Please make it possible to borrow magazines - even those a few months dated. P.A. allows this + it’s a great service - Sonya M.
  RESPONSE: I’m pleased to inform you that we have added this service. Magazine back issues are now available for check out. Thank you! --Sean 
2 Hi, We are loving all your changes to the library! Thank you. - Geri A.
  RESPONSE: Thank you! - The Library Team
3 I really appreciate the wonderful resources, the ease of check out, the automatic renewals and notifications you send to alert me of books to pick up. Great job and wonderful service. - Linda M
  RESPONSE: Thank you! - The Library Team
4 1. Would it be possible to get a better hand dryer in the bathroom. The one you have barely works. 2. Shades in the Project Read area next to the windows would be awesome. Thanks! - Debbie M.
  RESPONSE: Thanks for your suggestions. We've asked our Facilities team to inspect the hand dryers and repair/replace as needed. Regarding your request for window shades in the former Project Read area, you may be interested to know that we have created a new "Study Zone" for tutoring pairs and other study activities. The spacious new area offers more tables and study support materials, with the added benefit of there being no glare from nearby windows. Additionally, we are working on installing sound-insulated study/tutoring booths in this area later this year. The Study Zone is located on the Main Library first floor around the corner from the elevator. --Sean
5 How about a list on the MPLibrary website of newly purchased books+cd's. It would be nice to know if the library has recently purchased an item, plans on purchasing an item or has already received it. List could be categorical ie, fiction, scifi, classical music, etc - Barry R.
  RESPONSE: This a very good thought! To see what has recently been purchased, go to the Library web page,, hover over Explore (left blue sidebar), then click "New Titles." To expand the list, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "View All New Titles." We are now working on improving this process to make it easier to use and target results by specific library locations. --Giuliano  
6 “Hello: We would love to see new kids' computers in the Children's section! - Kathy C.
  RESPONSE: We're pleased to offer new laptop computers (Chromebooks) for check-out at the Children’s Desk. They're available for 3-hour loan periods with a library card. Their portability allows us to offer computers to our patrons while making maximum use of the limited space in the room. --Jennifer
7 The beautiful triptych behind the desk needs a small placard to say it was painted by Anne Hogle, one of the Bay Area Plein Air painters. Thanks! - Steve P.  
  RESPONSE: Great suggestion. We agree, this artwork should have a placard identifying the artist, and we're working on it now. --Sean
8 A patron suggested we have a container for dirty toys in Juvi + we wash them before putting out again. She asked me to submit on her behalf. - Polly J. (staff)
  RESPONSE: We appreciate your input! The free-flowing nature of the Children's room makes it difficult to prevent toys from mixing together during normal play, which is why we make sure to clean the toys on a regular basis. If you observe a toy that needs extra cleaning attention above and beyond that, please do let us know right away so we can remove it from the action until it is cleaned. --Jennifer
9 Please - bring back the copy machine. - Kathy D
  RESPONSE: Thanks for your feedback. We're continuously trying to improve services in the library while also balancing our limited resources. In recent years, use of the public copy machine declined significantly, while costs of maintaining and servicing the equipment rose. When our previous copier lease expired, we opted to switch to a scanner/printer on a pilot basis for twelve months. Our reasoning is that the scanner/printer offers more functionality at a lower cost, because it gives library patrons the option to scan paper documents and convert them to electronic format, in addition to the traditional paper-to-paper copies. --Sean
10 Curious about the carved redwood benches in the park near the library. Reference desk person was able to pull up an article about the chain saw carving and artist. This would be nice to share by posting a color copy of the article in the glass case on right side of library as you come in. Also a plaque from the City of Menlo Park could be placed on the sculptures. Thanks. - Steve Y.
  RESPONSE: Great suggestion. We agree, this beautiful sculpture should have an identifying plaque crediting the artist who created it, and we're working on it now. --Sean
11 Allow dogs. - Jim
  RESPONSE: For the safety and consideration of all library visitors--some of whom are allergic to or afraid of dogs--the Library Use Guidelines prohibit bringing dogs or other animals into the Library, with exceptions made for service animals recognized under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). --Sean
12 I would like to see computer classes for the computer-phobic and for internet searching tips and tools. - Sue
  RESPONSE: We agree, computer classes are a service we can and should provide. In order to do so properly, we need to create a classroom space that can be equipped with computers and an instructor station. Creating a space that can be used for computer classes is among the capital improvements we're working on this year. --Sean
13 Question: Why have only ducks outside? Idea: The Last Starfighter screening, EVERY MORNING, for inspiration + motivation. "VICTORY OR DEATH" chants are DOPE. (No) complaints. Compliment: Sarah B. has super rad hair, yo. - Chet
  Thanks for your comments, which inspired a fair amount of puzzlement and laughter. We love the nearby duck pond and have even adopted a duckling as the Library’s unofficial mascot. The Last Starfighter is an inspiring film, in its own way, but we may not have the resources to screen it daily, or ever. We believe that “victory or death” is usually a false choice and that other, less extreme options are usually available in most situations. We lack an objective system to rate hair styles, so we will simply say thanks for the compliment. --The Library Team