Pierce Road sidewalk project

The project adds new sidewalks to the east side of Pierce Road, the north side of Henderson Avenue and the south side of Del Norte Avenue. The ADA-compliant sidewalks, curb ramps and driveways will improve safety and access.

Residents will be able to walk safely, separated from moving cars. It will create clear paths, free of trip hazards and be accessible for people with disabilities.

Project funds come from the Measure “A” Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Funding Grant.

Current status

City staff are designing the project now with construction planned for summer 2020. We will look for options to protect trees by extending curbs into the street and ways to improve safety and appearance.

View the photos below to see potential locations for the sidewalk and curb ramps.
  • Red lines show the proposed sidewalk
  • A Red R shows a proposed ramp

Pierce 1

Pierce 2

Pierce 3