201 El Camino Real + 612 Cambridge Ave.

201 El Camino Real rendering

Project description

The applicant is proposing to demolish an existing commercial building (201 El Camino Real), parking lot (APN: 071413370), and multifamily residential building (612 Cambridge Ave.) and construct a new three-story mixed use building with a below ground parking lot. The building would consist of retail/office, medical office, and parking on the first floor and 15 residential units on the second and third floors. The proposed development would be at the Public Benefit Bonus level, which would exceed the Base level floor area ratio (FAR) and residential density on the subject site. The public benefit bonus proposal includes a monetary payment to the City. A portion of Alto Lane would be abandoned, and the two SP-ECR/D lots would be merged. The parcels at 201 El Camino Real and 612 Cambridge Ave. would not be merged, but the project would be a coordinated proposal with linked elements, such as access. As part of the project, three heritage trees are proposed to be removed.

The overall proposal would be comprised of:
  • Total size: 24,771 square feet
  • Medical office: 6,358 square feet
  • Residential: 15 dwelling units
  • Retail/non-medical office: 1,590 square feet

Current status

The project is under preliminary staff review.