2018 Law Enforcement Exploring Conference

Menlo Park Police Explorers will be attending the 2018 National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference July 16-20 at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Learning for Life hosts this National Exploring Conference in a week-long training and competition event format. The conference occurs every other year and includes role-playing scenarios that law enforcement officers regularly encounter, seminars, and networking opportunities. Explorers from all over the United States gather in one location to compete in various police related competitions such as domestic violence, traffic accident investigation, traffic stops, physical agility, written tests, crime scene search and first aid.  They perform the skills they have learned (such as traffic stops, building searches, marksmanship, arrests, etc.) usually in the form of scenarios. They are graded by judges against fellow explorers from the region, country, and sometimes world.

Fundraising Efforts

The Explorer Program is not funded by the City of Menlo Park’s general fund but relies solely on donations to operate. Explorers organize several fundraising activities throughout the year to raise funds to send prospective explorers to the explorer training academy, conferences and training events. Fundraisers include ice cream socials, maintaining vending machines, selling holiday candy, etc.

A special fundraising event is being conducted by the Menlo Park Police Explorers to raise money towards their trip to the 2018 National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference. Four Menlo Park Police Explorers plan to attend this valuable, upcoming conference.

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When making a donation online, please specify in the comment section if your donation is for relocation or insurance. Also, provide the addresses associated with the insurance or relocation.  If you do not want that information publicized, you can send an email to the Explorers. 

Police Explorers is a career-oriented program that gives young adults the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement by working with local law enforcement agencies. At least 30% of Menlo Park police officers have been a police explorer or police volunteer before becoming a police officer. The exposure and training the explorers receive are instrumental in their success through the police academy, field training and their career as a police officer or in other areas of law enforcement.Flamingos