506-556 Santa Cruz Ave./1125 Merrill St.

SCA/Merrill perspective

Project description

The applicant (represented by Chase Rapp) is proposing to demolish all existing structures and redevelop the three parcels at 506 Santa Cruz Avenue, 556 Santa Cruz Avenue, and 1125 Merrill Street with three mixed-use buildings. The parcels would not be merged, but the project would be a coordinated proposal with linked elements, such as access. The overall proposal would be comprised of:

  • Total size: 42,330 square feet
  • Non-medical office: 22,226 square feet
  • Residential: 9 dwelling units
  • Retail/restaurant: 4,617 square feet

Current status

The Planning Commission held a study session on the proposal on February 5, 2018. The Housing Commission reviewed and recommended approval of the applicant's BMR proposal at the April 11, 2018, meeting. The Planning Commission reviewed and approved the proposal at the meeting of May 14, 2018. The project has commenced construction.