Willow Road resurfacing

The 2021 Willow Road resurfacing project is located along Willow Road between Middlefield Road and Chester Street. The scope of work includes dig out repairs, 2.4 inches grinding and asphalt concrete overlay, ADA compliant curb ramps, curb, gutter and striping.
2021 Willow Road resurfacing project

Willow Road traffic control

Concrete work at the curb ramps is currently underway. This phase of the project will not require a full closure of Willow Road. There will be minor impacts to traffic with traffic control measures installed, such as cones and signage, to ensure the safety of the workers and general public accessing these areas.

The next phase is grinding and paving work, which is expected to be performed on Fridays and Saturdays only to minimize the impact on traffic along Willow Road. The intention is not to shut down Willow Road, but allow for work to proceed with at least one direction of traffic open to the public at all times, and utilizing a detour. The road will be opened up to traffic by the end of the work day each day.

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Proposed schedule

Dates Work
Sept. 20-24, 2021  Middlefield Road to O’Keefe Street – ADA curb ramp and concrete work
Sept. 27-Oct. 10, 2021                           O’Keefe Street to Chester Street – ADA curb ramp and concrete work
Sept. 27-30, 2021 Excavate and plug concrete crosswalks at Willow Road/Gilbert Avenue and Willow Road/Coleman Avenue
October 1, 2021 6” dig out and plug
October 15, 2021 Beginning of grinding operation. All grinding and paving operations to be performed Friday and Saturday
Oct. 22-Oct. 23, 2021 Weather permitting, phase 2 of grinding and paving operations to be performed. Willow Road will be open to one way traffic – westbound only 7 a.m.-5 p.m.. VA hospital can be accessed via Willow Road (one way; westbound traffic) and Bay Road.