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City Council

The City Council is the City's governing body. In general municipal elections, its members are elected at-large to four-year overlapping terms. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem (vice mayor) are selected to one-year terms by the Council at its first meeting in December of each year. The Mayor, who represents the City of Menlo Park, serves as the presiding officer of the City Council and signs enacting legislation and contracts.



The Menlo Park City Council is comprised of five members. They are elected by voters to staggered four year terms. Each year the sitting council also elects from its membership a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem (vice mayor) to serve one year.

Menlo Park’s City Council members serve part-time, retaining their positions in private industry, personal enterprise, business or the professions. Council members devote a great amount of time preparing for and attending Council and other meetings affecting the City.

Ray Mueller

Mayor Ray Mueller
Term expiration 11/201


Committee Assignments

Mayor Pro Tem Catherine Carlton
Term expiration 11/2016


Committee Assignments

Council Member Peter I. Ohtaki
Term expiration 11/2014


Committee Assignments
Richard Cline Council Member Richard Cline
Term expiration 11/2014


Committee Assignments
Council Member Kirsten Keith
Term expiration 11/2014


Committee Assignments


The Menlo Park City Council holds meetings on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. on a calendar approved each December for the upcoming year at the City Council Chambers located at 701 Laurel Street. You can subscribe to receive the agendas and minutes by e-mail when they are published. An agenda is posted in advance of the weekly meeting, and past agendas and minutes are filed by the date they were held. If you have questions about an agenda please call the City Clerk at 650.330.6620

Council E-Mail

To express your comments and opinions about a topic to the entire City Council click here: city.council@menlopark.org

Please Note: All Communications to the City Council and/or City Staff are public communications subject to the provisions of the California Public Records Act. E-mail sent to this address are provided to the local media and are posted on the City’s website for public view. The email address of the sender is not disclosed on the website for security purposes. However, information contained in the body of the email, including personal contact information, can be viewed and retrieved through a search. Each City Council member also directly receives email sent to this address.

This feature is designed to allow public viewing of City Council email. The process by which emails sent to council are posted on this site is automated. Sometimes formatting within the body of the email is lost during this automated process, making messages harder to read. Typically, formatting is easier to preserve if formatted materials are sent as attachments rather than in the body of the email. However some viewers of this City Council email site may have difficulty opening attachments. If you notice that the formatting of a message is unclear, please contact the city at ccin.log@menlopark.org.

It is the City's practice to remove SPAM (Unsolicited Bulk Email) email from the Council email log. If you believe your email has been removed in error, please contact the City at ccin.log@menlopark.org.

To view the City Council E-mail Log click here: http://ccin.menlopark.org

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