Facebook Campus Expansion Project

Current Status

On November 1, 2016, the City Council approved all requested land use entitlements, environmental review, and agreements for the Facebook Campus Expansion Project, and introduced the ordinances rezoning the property and approving the Development Agreement. On November 15, 2016, the City Council adopted the Rezoning and Development Agreement Ordinances. The land use entitlement and environmental review process for the project is now complete, and the first phase (Building 21) is under construction.

Project Description

On March 31, 2015, Hibiscus Properties, LLC on behalf of Facebook submitted a preliminary application for the proposed redevelopment of the TE Connectivity campus located at 301-309 Constitution Drive. The site is located between Chilco Street and the recently completed Building 20, formerly referred to as Facebook’s West Campus.

The proposal includes construction of two new office buildings totaling 962,400 square feet (a net increase of approximately 126,600 square feet of offices) plus publicly-accessible open space and a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Bayfront Expressway, providing a more direct connection from the Belle Haven neighborhood to the Bay Trail.

The proposed buildings would have a similar look, feel, and height as Building 20. The application also includes the potential for a 200-room limited service hotel of approximately 174,800 square feet at the corner of Chilco Street and Bayfront Expressway. Development of the office buildings and hotel would result in a net increase of approximately 121,300 square feet at the Project Site. The development would be phased over time as the existing tenants (Pentair and TE Connectivity) vacate the property.

The proposed project would require the following actions:

  • Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to include hotels as conditional uses within the M-2 zoning district. The text amendment would be consistent with the Limited Industry Land Use Designation of the existing General Plan;
  • Rezone entire site from M-2 (General Industrial) and M-2(X) (General Industrial, Conditional Development) to M-2(X) (General Industrial, Conditional Development) to allow for a Conditional Development Permit to establish the development regulations;
  • Conditional Development Permit (CDP) to redevelop an approximate 58-acre site (300-309 Constitution Drive) with approximately 962,400 square feet of office use, including ancillary employee amenities, and a 200-room hotel of approximately 174,800 square feet. Including the existing Building 23, addressed 300 Constitution Drive (approximately 180,108 square feet), the maximum gross floor area for offices would be approximately 1.143 million square feet, which is within the maximum 45 percent floor area ratio (FAR) for offices in the M-2 zoning district. With the hotel, the maximum gross floor area would be approximately 1.318 million square feet, or 52 percent total FAR, which is consistent with the FAR maximum of up to 55 percent for office and all other uses. The CDP would permit maximum building heights of up to 75 feet, allow building coverage to potentially exceed 50 percent of the site, identify the expanded construction hours, establish the permitted uses at the site, establish the maximum allowed signage area, permit the use and storage of hazardous materials associated with general office uses, set the parking ratio for the site, as well as to define all other development standards and regulations. The proposed CDP would incorporate the existing Building 20 (1 Facebook Way) and create one CDP for 300-309 Constitution Drive and 1 Facebook Way.  No changes are proposed to Building 20;
  • Development Agreement for the provision of overall benefits to the City and adequate regulations in exchange for vested rights for the Facebook Campus Expansion Project;
  • Heritage Tree Removal Permits to permit the removal of approximately 274 heritage trees and establish a heritage tree replacement ratio associated with the proposed project;
  • Below Market Rate (BMR) Housing Agreement, per the requirements of the City’s Municipal Code, which would help increase the affordable housing supply by requiring the applicant to provide monies for the BMR fund or by procuring off-site BMR units;
  • Lot Reconfiguration to modify the location of two legal lots or merge the legal lots that comprise the project site and the adjacent lot for Building 20; and
  • Environmental Impact Report to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project. 
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis (FIA) to analyze the project’s revenue and cost effects on the City and applicable outside agencies.
For more information about the approved Facebook East and West Campus developments, please see the Facebook Campus Project page.

Project Approvals and Entitlements