Projects in the Specific Plan Area

As individual development proposals are submitted, the city will make web pages for larger projects. Currently, the following projects have their own project page:

  • 500 El Camino Real Project - Proposed mixed-use development consisting of offices, housing, and retail.
  • 555 Glenwood Avenue Project - Approved conversion of an existing senior citizens retirement living center into a limited-service, business-oriented hotel.
  • 1300 El Camino Real (Greenheart) - Proposal to redevelop a 6.4-acre site on El Camino Real and Oak Grove Avenue with up to 217,000 square feet of commercial uses and up to 220 dwelling units.
  • 133 Encinal Avenue Project - Hunter Properties is proposing to construct 26 new residential units on a 1.74-acre parcel.
  • 1020 Alma Street - Lane Partners is to construct a new three-story office building with two subterranean parking levels at 1010-1026 Alma Street.
A summary of all approved and pending projects, in compliance with page G16 of the Specific Plan, is available:

All pending applications can be monitored via Planning Commission agendas.

Public space improvements can be monitored via the Capital Improvement Program page.