General election information

Regular municipal elections for the City of Menlo Park are held on the first Tuesday of November in even-numbered years. Due to the City Council's staggered 4-year terms, at each regular election voters will elect two or three Councilmembers (who serve four-year terms). In 2014, three seats were filled and in 2016, two seats will be open. In addition to electing local and statewide representatives, voters are usually presented statewide ballot issues, and occasionally, local regional or municipal ballot measures.

Voter registration

Registering to vote is the first step every citizen takes to become an eligible voter. Once registered, you can begin to strengthen our democracy by participating in elections, working at our polling precincts, and even registering others like yourself to become voters. Registering to vote is easy. Register online today!

Voting options

There are now several ways by which you can cast your vote in the next election. You can Vote by Mail, Vote Early, or Vote at the Polls on Election Day. To learn more, visit the County Elections Division website.

Election FAQs