Commonwealth Corporate Center Project

Project Description
The city has received an application from The Sobrato Organization to redevelop the properties located at 151 Commonwealth Drive and 164 Jefferson Drive. The Commonwealth Drive site is approximately 12.1 acres, and the Jefferson Drive site, which is directly adjacent to the Commonwealth Drive site to the north, is approximately 1.2 acres. As part of the project, the 2 properties would be reconfigured as 1 common parcel and separate parcels for each building (for a total of 3 parcels), for a total project site of approximately 13.3 acres. Proposed redevelopment of the properties would include demolition of a single-story industrial building and associated structures totaling approximately 217,396 square feet on the Commonwealth Drive site, and demolition of the existing structure totaling approximately 20,462 square feet and associated improvements on the Jefferson Drive site.

Subsequent to demolition of the existing structures, the applicant seeks to construct 2 four-story office/research and development buildings totaling approximately 259,920 square feet. The proposed height of the buildings would exceed the 35-foot maximum height limit in the M-2 (General Industrial) zone and a rezone to M-2(X) (General Industrial, Conditional Development District) plus approval of a Conditional Development Permit would be required to exceed the height limit. The proposed structures would comply with zoning ordinance requirements pertinent to setbacks, floor area ratio and lot coverage. Access to the site would be from Commonwealth Drive, as well as from Jefferson Drive. Development on the Jefferson Drive portion of the site would include redevelopment of the site to provide access to the Commonwealth Drive site and for use as an amenity space to serve the proposed structures on the Commonwealth Drive site. As part of the development proposal, the applicant is requesting approval to remove 12 heritage trees on the 151 Commonwealth Drive site and 11 heritage trees on the 164 Jefferson site, ranging in health from poor to fair.

Required Review
The following approvals are required:
  • Below Market Rate Housing Agreement
  • Conditional Development Permit
  • Environmental Review
  • Heritage Tree Removal Permits
  • Parcel Map
  • Rezoning from M-2 (General Industrial) to M-2(X) (General Industrial Conditional Development