Residential pharmaceutical disposal

Don't flush your old medications - take them to a pharmaceutical drop box!
  • Avoid medication errors and overdoses
  • Prevent recreational prescription drug abuse
  • Protect our ecosystem and waterways
When improperly discarded, pharmaceuticals can seep into our water stream and create an environmental hazard. Waste water treatment facilities are not properly equipped to remove medicinal substances from the water, and as a result, a wide range of pharmaceuticals are contaminating the bay and our drinking water.

Little House Activity Center drop box

Menlo Park and Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. have partnered up to place a pharmaceutical drop box at Little House Activity Center located in Nealon Park. Simply place any unused or unwanted legal drug into the receptacle, and it will be properly disposed of.

Disposal procedures

  • Remove excess packaging like boxes and bottles.
  • Consolidate pills in a plastic bag or tied off bag.
  • Leave liquid medications in their original containers
  • Drop off medication at Little House Activity Center in Nealon Park (800 Middle Avenue).
  • If you have sharps with medications, dispose of these at a separate sharps drop off location.
Pharmaceutical drop box