Apply for

  1. Alarm permit

    Apply for an alarm permit.

  2. Building permit

    Residential, non-residential, demolition, and miscellaneous permits are available for building purposes.

  3. Business license

    Businesses will need to obtain a license from the city in order to conduct business.

  4. Encroachment permit

    Access the application and information for an encroachment permit.

  5. Jobs

    Find out about full-time and part-time job opportunities available within the City.

  6. Library card

    Apply for a library card to gain access to local library services.

  7. Marriage license

  8. Parking permit

    Read about obtaining an overnight parking permit.

  9. Special event permits

    See how you can apply for a Special Event Permit.

  10. Truck route permits

    Find out how to obtain a truck route permit.