Banners Guidelines

The City offers 2 banner slots that can be used for City-sponsored events, non-profit organizations, and community events, in that order of priority. There are two locations on Santa Cruz Avenue with one at Santa Cruz Avenue and Doyle Street and the other at Santa Cruz Avenue and University Drive. Banner slots can be reserved up to 12 months in advance. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations may be limited to a maximum of 2 consecutive slots depending on availability. Reservations can be made by completing and submitting a Banner Permit Application.


  • Banners should be no larger than 3 feet by 30 feet (minimum length of 15 feet), have at least six air baffles (which are stitched at the top to prevent ripping), and grommets to be on all four corners and along the top edge with holes large enough for a 3/8-inch cable clamp.
  • Banners are to be delivered to the City Corporation Yard (located at 333 Burgess Drive) at least 1 business day before scheduled to be put up. Banners not picked up within 72 hours of removal will become property of the City.
  • Banner slots can be used for one week, starting Monday at 7:00 am and ending Monday at 7:00 am. Slots are $450 per slot for one week and $550 per slot for two consecutive weeks.
  • The City will not hold a particular location without receiving payment.

Banner Specifications

  • Banners must be heavy canvas or vinyl with a minimum weight of 13 ounces  (14 milliliters in thickness)single sheet (not double or two pieces), edges doubled (hemmed 2 inches) and stitched.
  • At least six air baffles, which are installed in order to  prevent ripping.