Advisory boards, commissions and committees

Roles and responsibilities

Menlo Park welcomes and encourages residents' active participation through serving on a City-appointed commission or committee. Commissions examine issues of community interest and make recommendations to the City Council on policy matters. Each commission reviews specific subjects and carries out assignments as directed by the City Council or as prescribed by law.

Each commission establishes a two-year work plan aligned with the City Council's goals, which guides the commissions' activities and projects. 

The City of Menlo Park currently has nine active advisory bodies: the Bicycle Commission, the Environmental Quality Commission, the Finance and Audit Committee, the Housing Commission, the Library Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Planning Commission, the Sister City and Friendship Committee and the Transportation Commission.


To apply for a commission/committee vacancy submit the commission application to the Clerk's Office via mail, email or in person.

Current vacancies

  • Parks and Recreation Commission - 1 vacancy, 4 year term expiring 4/30/2021   
  • Library Commission - ongoing recruitment

Maddy Act

A roster of all current members of city commissions, boards and committees and the dates of their terms of office and any current vacancies. This list is updated each year in compliance with the requirements of the Maddy Act, Government Code 54970.