Complete Streets Commission

The City is embarking on a major effort over the next 18 months to prepare a Transportation Master PlanIn order to ensure a successful process, the consolidation of the Bicycle Commission and Transportation Commission would be a helpful tool in creating efficiency by channeling efforts to a single commission that can be a conduit for the community engagement on transportation issues. 

Agendas and minutes

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Phone number
Term expires
Katie Behroozi Email n/a 4/30/2020
Bill Kirsch Email 650-561-3797 4/30/2021
Lydia Lee
Email 415-218-8475 4/30/2018
Adina Levin Email 650-646-4344 4/30/2018
Philip Mazzara
Email 650-485-2715 4/30/2018
Michael Meyer 
Email 650-321-5691 4/30/2021
Betsy Nash Email 650-380-3986 4/30/2018
Bianca Walser Email 650-924-2768 4/30/2019
Jonathan Weiner Email n/a 4/30/2020
Cindy Welton Email n/a 4/30/2021

Roles and responsibilities

Complete Streets Commission's responsibilities would include:

  • Coordination of motor vehicle, bicycle, transit, and pedestrian transportation facilities
  • Advising City Council on ways to encourage pedestrian and bicycle safety and accessibility for the City supporting the goals of the General Plan
  • Coordination on providing a citywide safe routes to school plan
  • Coordination with regional transportation systems
The new Complete Streets Commission will have their first meeting in May 2017 and will meet in the Council Chambers on the second Wednesday of every month. At this first meeting, it is anticipated that the Commission will review its proposed responsibilities as summarized above, elect a Chair and Vice Chair, and revisit their
subcommittee assignments consistent with the new responsibilities.

Mission statement

A detailed discussion of the Commission's mission statement and an updated 2-year work plan will be completed following the evaluation of the one-year pilot by the Commission and the Council in 2018.