Emergency supply well #1

The first emergency well will be located at the City’s Corporation Yard at 333 Burgess Drive. It will consist of the wellhead and submerged pump, disinfection equipment, a pressure surge tank, an emergency generator, an electrical transformer, and associated piping. Once constructed, it will be tested periodically to ensure it is working properly. As part of the project, the City will also replace the fence at the front entrance and install drought-tolerant landscaping. 

Current status

The City has awarded a contract to Maggiora Bros. Drilling, Inc. The 60-day project started on Monday, Jan. 30, 2017 and includes a continuous 24/7 drilling period that will last approximately 2 weeks. Nearby residents may experience some noise while the sound walls are being installed, during drilling for the starter casing (daytime hours only), during the continuous 24/7 well drilling period, and the well testing period near the end of the project.

Please check back often as we will be updating the construction activities schedule below, or sign up for project updates (select the link to the right).

UPDATE: 3/15/17
We completed the well drilling on February 24th, installed the well casing on February 25th, and completed cleaning the well on March 14th. Maggiora is demobilizing the drilling equipment, and next week they will install the test pump and begin well testing early next week. Nearby residents and businesses may experience some noise during this period.

For more information, email water@menlopark.org, or call 650-330-6750. 

Next steps

Construction of the wellhead facilities will occur in summer 2017.
Emergency Water Supply Well 1