Environmental Impact Report

Environmental analysis of projects like the 500 El Camino Real is required by the California Environmental Quality Act. For more information about CEQA, please see the CEQA website.

Notice of Preparation

The Notice of Preparation (NOP) is an initial step to inform members of the public that an Infill EIR will be prepared, and to receive input on the scope of the Infill EIR analysis. The 30-day review period for the NOP starts on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 and ends at 5:00p.m. on Thursday, July 21, 2016.

Infill Environmental Checklist

The Infill Environmental Checklist has been prepared in accordance with Senate Bill (SB) 226, and supports the scope identified in the NOP.

Transportation Analyses Based on an Earlier Proposal

As part of project review of the earlier proposal from 2013, several transportation analyses were conducted. The completed analyses consist of:

  1. Consistency Analysis (response to comments)
  2. Operational Analysis
  3. Neighborhood Cut-Through Traffic Analysis
Note: Since the preparation of these analyses, changes in traffic conditions and in the proposed project render the previous analyses to be outdated. Therefore, a new traffic impact analysis will be prepared to evaluate the current project proposal under current traffic conditions

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