Citywide bicycle/pedestrian visibility improvements

The City of Menlo Park was awarded a grant from San Mateo County City/County Association of Governments to enhance bicycle facilities citywide (TDA Article 3 Pedestrian and Bicycle Program grant).  This project is intended to improve visibility and safety of bicyclists on key commuter routes, near schools, and within the downtown business district.  This project has two main elements, addition of green colored pavement markings along existing bicycle lanes citywide at vehicle-bicycle interaction points and the addition of bicycle parking at key locations throughout the downtown core area.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Program

Green bicycle lanes

This element of the project is adding green colored pavement markings to existing bicycle lanes on high-use corridors at vehicle-bicycle interaction points throughout the City.  The purpose of these improvements is to highlight the presence of bicyclists along these highly traveled corridors.

Downtown bicycle parking

This element of the project is installing bicycle racks throughout the downtown area, increasing visibility of bicyclists, improving access to local businesses and encouraging bicycling to the downtown area.  Some locations are on-street in new bicycle “corrals” while other locations are adding racks off-street. 

Bicycle park pic
Bicycle park pic 2